The bicycle is the noblest invention of mankind. — William Saroyan, Nobel prize winner

Bicycle Tune-up Service

Starts at $70 (save nearly 50% over ala carte services)


·       Truing wheels

·       Headset adjustment

·       Bottom bracket adjustment

·       Front and Rear brake adjustment

·       Front and Rear derailleur adjustment

·       Lube chain

·       Inspect for wear all of the above

·       Wipe frame

Bicycle Fitting

Custom bicycle fitting with bicycle purchase is FREE. ensure your bike fits you properly which is the key to loving your bike or never using it!

Pro Bicycle fitting 

Starts at $150

When you’re serious about cycling, proper bike fit is essential so you produce the most power, most efficiently

·       By appointment only

·       One-on-one

·       Adjustments and fitting from head to toe for a bike that fits like a glove and rides like a bullet

Pro fit includes a conversation with the fitter to go over your riding experience and style, particular issues you’re having and current bike setup, and a brief physical assessment of factors like flexibility and checks for issues like leg-length discrepancies. On-bike session with your bike on stationary trainer where the fitter will assess your fit and form on the bike and make adjustments and corrections. The fitter will address cleat setup, seat height, pedaling motion, reach to the handlebar and cockpit (seat and handlebar size). Expect a comprehensive fit to take one to two hours.